ENTAXY creates a seamless, home-owning experience whether you are living locally or internationally. When on-boarding a new client, a customized plan is developed, tailored to suit each clients’ specific needs, ranging from construction projects, general maintenance, house-keeping and gardening, to book keeping, leasing and sales.



On-boarding and plan development to suit your specific management and maintenance needs.



Current status assessment of property and list of work (A, B, C’s) which need addressing.



Perform needed upgrades and repairs to bring property up to A+ standard.


mission 4

Maintain A+ standard of living and continue to monitor and be point of contact for any and all issues.


ENTAXY focus on sustainable housing, with ideas on recycling and upcycling for properties that highlight the architectural heritage while safe guarding current and future needs. We maintain our properties at the highest standard, from laying the founding stone to renovation in order to fully enjoy your home experience.


Entaxy is a Greek word that means ‘all set’, but also has another more interesting meaning. Entaxy is synonymous to Negentropy, which is the opposite of Entropy. According to the 2nd Thermodynamical Law, Entropy defines the measure of the disorder of a system. The lowest the Entropy is, the more Negentropic it is. In other words, Entaxy defines a balanced environment having set the standards for keeping everything in order. This is our philosophy in Entaxy, our mission and our goal.